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Learning Svelte 2 | data, templating & styling

In this second article in a series on Svelte.js we're going to cover the very basics of dynamic data in svelte, how to populate our template with said data, and how to style it all.

— June 29, 2020

Learning Svelte 1 | why you should too

After spending the last month scared of diving into a javascript framework, this week I found out about Svelte.js. I'd like to tell you why I think it's a great option for beginner javascript developers who are new to component/ module based javascript development.

— June 21, 2020

Examples of Sass/ SCSS Mixins

when I first started learning Sass, I had a hard time conceptualizing what a mixin was and what their uses were in the css I was writing.

— May 25, 2020

Tips for learning SCSS/ sass (as a beginner)

I've been learning and working with SCSS/ sass for about 3 months in personal and professional projects. If you're not familiar, SCSS and sass are CSS pre-processors; at a basic level these are languages that get compiled and formatted into regular CSS that can be read by a web browser.

— May 12, 2020